SexForGrade: Another UNILAG Lecturer, Dr Bamisaye in Rape Scandal

Barely two weeks after the BBC’s expose on how male lecturers in the University of Lagos (UNILAG) sexually harass their female students, another senior lecturer from the institution, Dr Olutola Bamisaye, has been enmeshed in the same shameful act.

Many students who spoke to Newscarte about Dr Bamisaye, a lecturer in the faculty of law, described him as a serial rapist. His office in the faculty is his theatre where he rapes young innocent students who can’t fight back.

His modus operandi is simple; he determines his next victim, invites her to his office, locks the door, intimidates her to submission through generous mark allocation, threats and blackmail, after which he will then proceed to rape them right there in the office.

His story is all over the faculty as we later found out through our discreet investigation. His latest victim is an 18-year-old teenager identified as Abiodun. He had summoned the poor girl to his office under the guise of reprimanding her for wearing trousers to school against the norms.

The plea of the poor girl that nearly all the law students on campus are similarly dressed did not dissuade him. To add teeth to his blackmail, he threatened that he would report to the higher authority. 

The second day, at about 8:10am, he yanked the poor girl off her lecture session after lying to the lecturer in the class that the girl’s attention was needed at the Sub Dean’s Office. At about 12:15pm (after four hours) when the poor girl’s whereabouts became a mystery, her friends became alarmed and traced her to the Sub Dean’s Office but she was not there.

The friends then proceeded to the office of Dr Bamisaye but the door was firmly locked, the girls banged on the door to no avail. Fearing kidnap or worse since four hours, they went to a God-fearing lecturer in the faculty, a born-again Christian, Professor Fogam (now at Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti) who first went to the Sub Dean. After the Sub Dean denied knowing the whereabouts of the girl, the search team jointly proceeded to Dr Olutola Bamisaye’s office. They banged on the door but he refused to answer or open the door until Professor Fogam in annoyance threatened to break the door down –that was when Dr Bamisaye opened the door.

The poor girl was met in his office cowed, bullied, subdued and totally frightened, but finally rescued from the jaws of a serial rapist.

The Vice Chancellor of the institution, a no nonsense man, did good to set up a panel to look into the case where Professors Fogam, Olaniyan and Abugu played active roles in asserting the facts but no one knows the outcome of the panel as it was said that the culprit, Dr Bamisaye has the right connection in the right places.

The lady at the centre of this does not help matters as she’s not forth coming and feign ignorance when called, almost begging the journalist to let her be. Same goes to the father who himself a Lawyer has threatened legal action. The Professors however are forth coming but said that the school authorities have taken decisive action on the matter and that nothing is being swept under the carpet.

Speaking with Mr Hakeem Olaniyan, a lecturer in the Law faculty, University of Lagos, Akoka he said “The father of the said girl had earlier called me, but I was in the class attending to lectures before he called Prof. Fogam to go and rescue his 18-year-old daughter from the lecturer, Olutola Bamisaye, who locked her up for four hours.”

Also speaking with Pro Fogam, another senior lecturer, he said “I only know of Ms Abiodun Folayera’s harassment that was locked up inside room for four hours by a Snr Lecturer, Olutola Bamisaye, a Director in the faculty of law, University of Lagos.

“Two different panels were set up by the school authorities; one from the faculty, the other one is from the University. I do not know why we have not had the outcome of the panels that was set up in the school.”

-Dedeigbo Ayodeji

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