Actor Victor Edogun’s Literature Books Approved for Secondary Schools

‘Two Officers’ and ‘Bold’, Two literature books written by veteran Nollywood actor, Victor Edogun, have been approved into the Nigerian secondary school curriculum for 2020-2024 academic sessions. 

Creative people generally traverse the many avenues of literary expression, and Edogun, a Nollywood actor, playwright, architect and author, is no different.

The notable author of published articles and Nollywood screenplays has been enjoying good reviews with his literary works.  

‘Two Officers’, a creative insight into some undercurrents in pervading societal issues follows the story of Superintendent Chioma and Inspector Douglas as they carry out their professional duties as security operatives. The duo cross each other once too often around settings that are brimming with daunting security challenges in contemporary urban Nigeria.

There is a tug between conscientious professionalism on the one hand and covert misconduct cum intentional misrepresentation at another end of a wave crest of drug deals, kidnapping, extortion, and unexpected reprisals.

‘Two Officers’ is a highly compelling literary and institutional expose that is finely layered and poignantly relatable.

As an author, Edogun has proved his mettle with works like ‘Save Today,’ a critically acclaimed novel on terrorism that went viral online in 2013. He also has works like ‘Bold’ – a romantic classic and ‘Poetic Experience’ – a catalogue of poems highlighting Nigeria’s democratic hopes and travails.

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