Beware: Nigeria’s New York consulate-general raises alarm over ‘fake passport website’

Consulate-General of Nigeria in New York has raised alarm over a fakewebsite for passport applications, AgencyNews has reported.

In a notice issued on Wednesday, the consulate warned Nigerians against using unauthorised websites and the need for them to seek proper guidance on passport applications.

“The attention of the Consulate has been drawn to the operations of a website, purporting to be a platform for processing Nigerian Passport,” it stated.

According to the Consulate, the website directspassport applicants to make paymentsthrough Zelle using telephone no.: 770-510-9332.

“The Consulate wishes to state that this website is fake and set up to defraud applicants for Nigerian passport.

“While the Consulate liaises with local authorities and the Nigeria ImmigrationService Headquarters, in Abuja, to investigate this fraudulent website, the general public is reminded that the globalwebsite for applications for Nigerian passport remains’’

The consulate-general advised applicants outside Nigeria to applythrough the official websites of the respective embassiesand consulates where they intendto process their passports.

“For the consulate in New York, the website is

“All enquiries to the consulate may be channelled through the following email address:’’

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