CAC crisis deepens as church holds separate Pastors’ Conferences

Following the separate Pastors’ Conferences held by factions of the leadership of the Christ Apostolic Church last week, it is evident that the church is yet to reach a compromise on how to end the crisis which has been rocking the church for decades.

Tribune Church News gathered that the church at separate venues held its annual Pastors’ Conferences at the popular Ikeji-Arakeji campground and Alasepe, Ikire, both in Osun State and at CAC Oke-Ife, Agbowo, Ibadan, Oyo State, with separate leaders in charge.

In a bid to shed light on the development of the unification movement, a faction of the church, which held its version of the conference, at CAC Oke-Ife, Agbowo, Ibadan, Oyo State, led by its president, Pastor Samuel Ogundare, lamented that some youths of the church at the helms of leadership are responsible for the frustrations over the unification of the church.

Ogundare, during his opening speech at the church, last Tuesday, noted that his faction of the church and several others were open to the move for unification, but for the obstacles posed by the anti-unification group.

“This year’s anniversary of the CAC Pastor’s Conference was a sober period for all members of Christ Apostolic Church in Nigeria and Overseas as it clocked 31 years of discord in our church, yet the solution is not in sight, what is our joy?

“It was on record that during the time of the founding fathers of this church – Pastors I.B. Akinyele, D.O. Odubanjo and Apostle J. A. Babalola- all of blessed memory, there was no rancor, bitterness, rivalry, and animosity within the hierarchy and members of the church. In fact, some of us, though very young then, are living testimonies to the kind of peace and spirit of oneness that pervaded the time and which we are enjoying today. Others who were not as old to witness this period must have read it in the records that satan had no place in their midst because of their unity and love for one another,” he added.

Ogundare further lamented that it was unfortunate that the situation of the church today is nothing to write home about due to the long period of separation in the church, noting that, “Though the immediate past president, Pastor Abraham Akinosun made efforts to unite the church through a unification committee, but the effort was stalled due to his retirement. I pray that the Holy Spirit will lead the committee to achieve success. It is sad to note that, the administration that took over from Pastor Akinosun has not made any effort for a progressive unification process.”

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