Thursday, February 9, 2023
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Enugu Conference: Many People Are Fighting Battles They Don’t Understand —Dr Chris Okafor

The three days Holy Ghost fire and Prophetic conference put together by Chris Okafor world outreach in conjunction with Grace Nation International has began in Enugu, with massive turn out by faithfuls in the state Capital

Welcoming faithful while declaring the  conference open, the Convener of COWOM and Senior Pastor, Grace Nation International aka Liberation city, Dr Chris Okafor welcome all and sundry to the Prophetic conference and said God has the interest of the Good people of Enugu state and its environs at heart, that is why God directed the revival to hold at this time. The Generational Prophet of God said when there is revival like this, God comes to town to settle different problems and put permanent solution to peoples predicaments and issues. 

Dr Chris okafor stated further that “in as much as you key into instructions given at the conference your life will never remain the same.”

In his sermon at the conference, Dr Chris Okafor who teaches on the topic, ‘Dealing with Ungodly Transaction and Pattern of our father’ emphasised that “anytime God wants to deliver you He gives you an instruction through his annoited servant to break you out from your predicament.” He said when something is ungodly that means what God himself is not in support but when he directed his annoited servant to you, they will guide you and teach patterns that will enable you to come to the realisation of his principles to greatness. 

The man of God continued that no battle in life come to end without understanding the root cause of such problem, “because unresolved battles can travel through 5-10 generations except you know the root cause and subsequently seek for permanent solution.”

He also highlighted that ignorance are some of the major bane of ungodly transactions and pattern, “because if you did not take step to inquire about the transactions of your forefathers, to go out of the pattern will be a little difficult but when you seek for divine knowledge and listen to instruction from God servant, you will be free from the transactions and patterns of your fathers.” 

Over 10,000 participants graced the opening session of the 3 Days prophetic Spirits and Prosperity conference. 


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