Thursday, February 9, 2023
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Even if your wife fornicate, you can’t beat her —Imam Moshood 

Imam Moshood Olanrewaju Mamudu, the Chief Missionary of Al-Istijab Society of Nigeria and Chief Imam of Raji Elewe Mosque, Lagos Island has said that there are grievous consequences for men who beat their wives. 

Speaking on domestic violence, Imam Moshood reiterated that any man who has the habit of beating his wife cannot be successful in life. 

He said that “Frankly speaking, it is not good (to beat your wife). Islamically, it is not good. In Islam if your wife offends you, as a good Muslim all you need is exercise some patience. 

“Whosoever beats his wife would not have success till the end of his life. Even if the woman fornicate, the judgment is not in the husband’s hands. No man has the authority to beat his wife,” he said. 

Imam Moshood added that “if the woman now see that her husband is always beating her, such a woman should immediately report to the council of Alfa or to human rights defenders, so that the man can face the consequences of his action.”


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