Excerpts From ‘Two Officers’: A Victor Edogun Book

Thoroughly rattled, Celine weeps as Sleek and Vuga harass her from either side, pacing back and forth to yell accusations and questions at her repeatedly. Both seemed to move on the top of their toes. They were so erratic that Celine, convinced that they were either drunk or high on something, reclined herself to profuse pleadings to keep from being physically hurt.

        “What are you doing here if you don’t have the package? .. unh, answer me bitch!… You and your contact are playing games with us right? Gimme your phone!” 

Sleek snatches the phone from Celine’s outstretched arm, swiftly checking call and messaging details….

At the Estate gate, a regular saloon Car with three occupants had just made it’s way past security, amidst a normal trail of early returnees from work. Probably because it was daytime, only a cursory look was given the various cars by the security as they eased gently into the Estate.

Unknown to the Guards that two other young men with amunitions were curled up in the Car booth which had been cleverly perforated on the right side for ventilation.

The Car cleared by a common parking lot with six other Cars but turned to face the direction from which it had come. Most probably for easy get-away at an emergency.The occupants inside, turned also, adjusting their sitting positions to observe and have a direct, unobstructed view of the rendezvous building.

Further up front, Ejo, a fitting underworld acronym for Snake, though shortened from real name, Ejoka, squinted his eyes as he stared hard at the rendezvous building.

            “There’s more than one person in there. I see shadows of movement…Action time.. let’s deal”

The guy at the steering, Oginga, following neatly behind Fyno, Ejo leads the way, meandering between the buildings and the fence.

A middle-aged Banker who had looked up from checking his Generator for switch-on, spotted them. Thinking they looked suspicious, he put a call through to Estate Security at the gate, who in turn flicked a distress call to a RAPID RESPONSE SQUAD (RRS) farmiliar number. A mobile unit on regular reconnaissance patrol in the area was inside the Estate in minutes. 

Meanwhile, Ejo, Fyno and Oginga had slithered up to the Garage exterior wall cautiously and unnoticed…at least, so they thought!

The RRS men maintained communication with both the Estate Security Guards as well as the Banker who had put the distress call through.

One of the three men in the Car that had pulled up in the common park opens the Car Booth, brings out a Jack and wheel Spanner to fix an invincible flat tire. He goes through the motions as decoy for the two guys in the trunk to ease out quietly, picking and tucking guns and ammunitions in their Jeans and denim trousers.

Back at the Station, Insp.Douglas had gotten notice of the failed transaction.He prepared his mind for the brewing challenge of absolving himself totally from the matter. That Lady, whatever her name was, is on her own. He never arranged or discussed anything with her. If push came to shove, it would be her word against an Officer, an ardent and strict enforcer of the Law!

By subjective protocol and hand-twisted camaraderie from Colleagues, he had been able to prevent some Indicting evidence from making the compilation by Insp. Peters at the Commissioner’s desk.  Presently, Derrick’s bail must be effected immidiately, in view of possible reprisals by the offended Drug Dealers and as well too,  ’cause of the persisting situation in his Cell, from where another casualty had just been taken out!

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