Fertility: Consider freezing your eggs before you’re 35 — Ajayi

By Sola Ogundipe 

Nigerian women of reproductive age that are not ready to settle down and begin their family have been urged to consider freezing and storing their eggs before they are 35 years old.

Dr. Abayomi Ajayi, an internationally acclaimed endocrinologist, and fertility specialist said that egg freezing has become increasingly popular among women in their late 20s and early 30s, even as he noted that age was a key factor for egg freezing success.

Ajayi, who is the Managing Director of Nordica Fertility Centre, Lagos, Asaba, and Abuja, while urging women to strive to raise their family on time, said: “If you are diagnosed with an illness that may decrease the quality of your eggs, you should consider egg freezing even sooner.

“By the time you get to 33 years and you are not married, I will advise you to start thinking of storing your eggs by freezing them in an IVF clinic because by the time you get to 35 years and above, the quality of your eggs will drop.

It is a better assurance when you store your eggs than when you don’t, ” he noted.

In a chat, he remarked that some women opt for egg freezing because they are not ready to have a baby, while others may embrace it because they are undergoing treatment for an illness that requires chemotherapy or therapy to a part of the body near the ovaries.

“It pays to embrace egg freezing as IVF may not save you once you are 40 years and above, because the same law that applies to natural conception is the same law that applies to IVF. While a woman, who is about 30 years, has about 20 -25 percent chance of conception, it is about 5 percent in women over 40.

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