Festive Season Galore: Tis The Season To Be Merry, Christmas In Harmony, Son of The Mask, And Many More on GOtv

Dive into a festive wonderland of shows, gospel music, love stories, and laughter with GOtv! From the heartwarming twists of Christmas On My Mind to the spirited journey of Harmony in Christmas in Harmony, our lineup promises delightful moments for all.

Christmas On My Mind: Lucy, who wakes up on what she believes is the day of her wedding to her ex-boyfriend, Zach. However, as the plot unfolds, it becomes clear that her perception of the situation is not entirely accurate. The narrative takes unexpected turns, revealing a different set of circumstances. Tune in on Tuesday at 4:15 pm on E! Entertainment GOtv channel 36 to follow Lucy’s journey as she unravels the true facts of her situation. The story promises to be a heartwarming exploration of love and holiday spirit, filled with surprises and joy.

Christmas in Harmony: Harmony, a spirited young woman’s life takes an unexpected turn when she is unwittingly tricked into auditioning for the Holiday Chorus, led by her estranged ex. Watch as she navigates the challenges of working alongside her former flame and dealing with the ups and downs of the festive preparations, Tune in Saturday at 9:50 am on E! Entertainment GOtv channel 36

Tis The Season To Be Merry: Merry, in search of a fresh perspective on relationships for her new book, embarks on a journey to Vermont. There, she finds what she’s looking for with the help of Chris, an aid worker with a heart of gold. Watch Monday at 4:15 pm on E! Entertainment GOtv channel 36 as Merry’s quest for a new angle on love unfolds against the backdrop of festive Vermont charm.

The Ugly Truth: In this hilarious and heartwarming film, a lonely morning show producer finds herself reluctantly entangled in her biassed correspondent’s unconventional experiment to unravel the secrets of love. As the two embark on this comedic journey, sparks fly, and unexpected emotions surface, offering a fresh perspective on the complexities of relationships. Tune in this Sunday at 9:50 pm on M-net GOtv channel 50

Son Of The Mask: A cartoonist stumbles upon the mask of Loki and, after conceiving an infant son, he unwittingly discovers the extraordinary and chaotic powers the mask possesses. Tune in for a laughter-filled adventure this Saturday at 12:40 pm on Studio Universal GOtv channel 54.

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