Fuel scarcity: MNJTF intercepts dozens of Sambisa-bound bicycles purchased by Boko Haram

Troops of the multinational joint task force (MNJTF) operating in the shores of Lake Chad had on Tuesday announced the interception of many bicycles near the borders of Sambisa Forest.

About 21 newly purchased bicycles were among the items recovered from a convoy of the terrorists’ vehicles that came in unfortunate contact with the ferocious troops of MNJTF at Vretet-Zamga-Ngoshe triangle in the general area of Kirawa on the Nigeria /Cameroon borders.

Security analysts believe the increased purchase of bicycles by the ISWAP faction of Boko Haram may be idealised to achieve two strategic reasons – to save fuel and to enable them to move silently without attracting attention.

According to the Chief of Military Public Information of the MNJTF, Colonel Mohammed Dole, a large cache of munitions were also recovered by the gallant troops of Sector 1 MNJTF who operated between Feb. 23 and 27.

Colonel Dole said “several BHT/ISWAP insurgents were neutralised and many fled with gun shot wounds.”

“During the operation large quantity of materials and assorted food stuff were recovered. The items include 01 AK47 rifle, 01 AK47 Magazine, several ammunitions of the 7.62 MM special variant , 21 bicycles, 01 BHT uniform, 39 bags millet and 02 bags of beans,” he said.

He said base on some analysed intelligence, the military realised that the items were being smuggled from the borders to sambisa forest.

“It is believed that the terrorists are stockpiling materials for the incoming month of Ramadan. Further exploitation of the engagement areas showed traces of blood, evidence of BHT/ISWAP criminals removed corpses of their dead colleagues while 2 corpses of Boko Haram criminals were discovered.

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