Funke Ashekun: You have set up a platform that will ruin you

By Femi 

FUNKE ASHEKUN, I promised to open a file on you through our investigative line to get the facts, and reel out the truth about the fabricated lies and stories you tell on your marriage gone left show.

Just the other day, I saw your show that made me feel so sorry for you as I watched and listen to all the fallacies and fabrications you doled out of your mouth. The worst part was that You looked so BELIEVEABLE, but we aint fooled, because that’s the firsthand trait of the devil and its operations. (Make believe is what it’s called).

FUNKE, first of, it’s obvious that you have no job in that AMERICA, since you absconded with a tourist visa it will be difficult to get a proper job. Hence, you opted for a gossip sit down and talk Facebook nonsense that you are doing now. It’s now clear WHY YOU FEATURED IN MAUREENS SHOW A WHILE AGO. YOU PRACTICALLY USED HER SHOW TO LAUNCH YOURSELF, NICE ONE.

FUNKE, I am very sure that you are aware of Maureen’s travails and what she is presently suffering and will continue to suffer for all her fake and wrong publications and recordings. If I may remind you, since there is an established connection between you and her, all judgement relating to her matter will be binding on you as well.

Let me start with our findings based on the issues you treated in your show. First the matter of your GOs haunted houses, which you claimed are destroying destinies. Through our investigations, we found out that for almost twenty years of going and coming, you lived under the umbrella of this ministry and the huge financial support of this same GO that you are castigating today.

As at 1995 when you came to that ministry, we found out that you actually eloped with your now husband from deeper life, after exploiting a man you were supposed or rather promised to marry. With all sort of lies you told against Deeper Life ministry, the GO had compassion on you and provided shelter, by renting a flat for you and your mother at Fola Agoro.

You have lived in the ministry’s housing units in different part of Lagos, the houses you claimed to be haunted. In these your self-acclaimed haunted houses, you got married and gave birth to four children.

In these same houses where you lived for free for years, your children were given scholarship by the GO that you claimed is occultic. This same person gave you and your husband your first proper jobs in the ministry and in the banking sector.

You alleged that the GO was using your glory, meanwhile you came to the ministry with nothing and built a house, while living in the so-called haunted houses. 

You alleged that the GO sent armed robbers to chase you out of your house, meanwhile when you ran away from this house that you built at Ikorodu village, we learnt that he was the one that gave you and your family shelter by renting a flat for you guys again. 

This same GO you alleged to be Occultic, we found out sent your mother to the best hospital in Lagos as at when she was seriously ill, we have data to prove this if you want name, date and time we will provide.

You Kept saying that you spent two decades in the ministry, but you always failed to make it clear to your audience and viewers that you were a rolling stone.

FUNKE, we found out that you were practically drifting from church to church looking for greener pastures, a place where you could make exploit without discipline. You were at Christ Miracle Church Mission, Omega Fire Ministry, and many others yet the GO took you back whenever you returned.

You alleged that pastor Suleiman Collided with your GO to manipulate you and get you to return to the ministry, we found out that as at when you met with Pst Suleiman, the GO and Suleiman had no connection whatsoever, they had never met.

So why the lies from the pit of hell

You created some drama scenarios in your show about what happened in one of the houses you lived in, so we decided to launch some investigations and found out that the lady you spoke about that was gasping for breath as if life was seeping out of her. Sister (withheld for security reasons) had always had panic attacks. 

Attacks that came because of what happened to her in her previous marriage. And that was the reason she came to God and found Solace and shelter, and as when we got in touch with her God has visited her and she is happily married.

For the other story you told (sis name withheld for security reasons) that had an illness you couldn’t mention. We found out that her case was a case of fibroid. And like very critical cases of fibroid attacks, she always had heavy bleeding during her period which makes her very weak, and this sometimes makes her seek medical attention.

We realized That people came to the church of God for solutions and were given accommodations as their problems are being dealt with, their issues have nothing to do with the house that they lived in or the GO being occultic so where did you get your stories from  

We are doing our findings and working hard to do all investigations necessary to show the world how manipulative and dangerous you and your mission is.

You are threading the path that Maureen walked and failed, Funke there is nothing wrong if you want to make money from YouTube and Facebook out of joblessness but its is sad that you want to harm the church of God and his servants with your baseless and unfounded twisted stories.

You should be more careful since you know that your father in-law is a native doctor that oversees your affairs, this path may not go well for you, we have done our finding and we are still investigating.

I will not advise you to desist like I did Maureen, but I will say get ready to face the wrath of God and the law when the time comes.

FYI. We are waiting for the evidence of how you found out that it was the GO that sent robbers to your house. The evidence of the people that burnt the house of the person you spoke about.The evidence and name of the cult he belongs to, and his position in the confraternity. Names of women he has sexually molested. The date,how and when? You have to provide these evidence.

Name somebody that took an oath in the ministry be a pastor or a member, and provide a copy of document signed or a copy of the document that people used or are using to swear secrecy.

You dare say you did not abscond with church money, madam we discovered you took church money and never returned them.

Funke, if you ever were a Christian, and understood how deliverance work in a spiritual ministry, you will never speak about the GO laying hand on you as occultic. I believe time will soon catch up with you  

A Liar is a destroyer 


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