Grandmother Mauled To Death By Pitbull She Rescued From Street

A grandmother, Anne Shields, has died after she suffered ‘catastrophic’ injuries when the pit bull she had rescued suddenly turned on her.

Shields, 67, was mauled by the dog she had taken in as a starving stray, which she called Choccy, at her holiday home in Spain.

Her daughter told The Sun that Shields never intended to keep the dog, but the local animal shelters were full so she opted to care for him “until she found someone who could take him.”

The British ex-pat was reportedly an animal lover and “couldn’t bear the thought of throwing Choccy back on the streets.”

Police were called to Ms Shields’ home in Macastre, near Valencia, after neighbours reported hearing her screams.

Officers shot the dog so the medics could reach the pensioner who had suffered head and arm injuries.

Shields was taken to hospital where she died the next day.

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