How Randy Redeem Church Pastor and Solid Rock Model College Owner, Segun Ayegbusi Molests Female Students

The last has definitely not been heard about randy school proprietors and lecturers who are in the habit of sexually molesting female students. Mr Segun Ayegbusi, a Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) and Proprietor of Solid Rock Model College, situated at 12, Tunde Sotayo Street, Araromi Estate, Ota Ogun State, is a culprit.

Despite that he parades himself as a Pastor of the parish located inside the compound of the school, Ayegbusi lives a lifestyle even a pagan should not be proud of.

The randy Proprietor and some of his sexually thirsty male teachers are in the habit of constantly pouncing of innocent young female students of the school to forcefully satisfy their sexual urge.
The Proprietor recently attempted to rape the girl (name withheld), a 14-year-old student of the school. The poor girl had to ‘put up a fight’ to rescue herself from the claws of the randy Segun Ayegbusi.
In a bid to cover his shame, Mr Ayegbusi has been trying to beg the girl by buying her provisions, so that she can keep what happened between them a secret.  
Recently, a teacher of the school, Wale Anjolaolu, was detained at Sango Police Station for molesting a female student (names withheld). It was the Proprietor, Segun Ayegbusi who hustled for his bail.
“The only reason the Proprietor would want to bail the teacher in detention is because the teacher also knows his escapades with students and his secrets might be leaked,” an impeccable source who craved anonymity told our Correspondent.
The sexual assault against young female students by the Proprietor and his accomplice has been going on in the school for about 10 years, and a lot of students have become victims.
When we called the Propietor on phone, he declined to comment on the issue.

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  • Eyewe Eyisan

    This is unbelievable! I have known uncle Segun Aiyegbusi for over 15yrs.The only thing he has for his students is fatherly love and care. The only reason I would say he bailed Uncle Wale Anjolaoluwa was because of the school name. Report even has it that he was the one who reported the case of Wale and the student to the police. Proper information should be gotten before being disseminated.

  • Efcc

    Kindly provide the voice note.


    Hope you know this is a defamatory statement against the school & Pastor Segun and an action can be taken against you in Court.

    You should not publish without enough proof/evidence of Pastor Segun’s acts and indict him.

    This shows your Ignorance and proves that your publication is fabricated to attract cheap publicity.

    Please stop telling lies and destroying someone else’s image.


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