‘If You Kill Sunday Igboho, Another Boko Haram Will Rise From The West’ – Prophet Iginla Warns

Shepherd in charge of Champions Royal Assembly, Prophet Joshua Iginla has spoken out on the recent attack on activist , Sunday Igboho by security personnels while enroute Lagos – Ibadan expressway few days ago. The clergy also advocates for the Pastor captured by Bandits in Borno and Leah who is still in their custody.

While ministering from his 80,000 city of Wonders in Abuja, Iginla Urged Federal Government to use to exercise caution and wisdom over the issue of chief Sunday Igboho. According to him:

Nigeria needs prayers, and not just prayers. Our leaders need prayers to take right decisions and not make expensive decisions . if the leader of Boko haram, Muhammad Yusuf was not killed in that gory manner, his followers wont be angry and begin to move into what has metamorphosed into the dreaded sect.

I advise and admonish the Federal government to cast restrain and work with caution over their intention of arresting Sunday Ighoho. The reason is if you kill him, you will have another Boko haram rising up from the western region. you should cast restrain, caution over his issue. invite him, talk and advise him, share opinion with him will be better. any attempt to eliminate him will lead to another kind of problem we battling with in the north now. each time a leader spring up on behalf of his people, dialogue is important than violent approach.

Furthermore, he raised prayers for the abducted clergy in Borno and Leah who has been in their custody for about four years now . He urged the federal government to apply same channels they used in releasing the abducted students to ensure they are released:

I’m a bit worried over the pastor that was captured in Borno and given 7 days ultimatum. I watched the clip and asking for the federal government to come his rescue. We will pray for him and urge government to look at it that aside being a pastor and a Christian, he is a citizen of this country. If the captured students can be released through negotiation with the bandits, then they should negotiate for this pastor too. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

I beg federal government to negotiate for his release of they can’t reside him by sending military personnel. If we don’t have a clergy who knows these people then the sheik Gumi should rise to this occasion too for the release of this pastor. If we don’t speak out they might behead him. We still have Leah in custody and am worried. If the other people from other religions were being released then they should use same means to release these other people from other religions too.

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