Infinity Bank Boss Denies Fraud, Slavery Allegations

The Managing Director of Infinity Microfinance Bank Limited, Mrs Clara Oloniniyi, has denied the report that her financial institution is enmeshed in fraudulent and slavery practices.

It was earlier reported that the bank is known for “lacklustre treatment of staff, colossal violations of human right and fraudulent acquisition of wealth.”

A staff of the company, who spoke under condition of anonymity, explained that “Trust me, every staff of this bank are dying in silence. Once you are sacked from work, you will be forced to repay the loans of customers you were handling. Meanwhile, they would still recoup the loan directly from such customers. That is after they would have detained the staff in police cell for several days. Labour unions and other human rights organisations need to beam their searchlight into the activities of this bank.”

Meanwhile, in a phone conversation with our Correspondent, Mrs Oloniniyi denied the allegations, claiming that only who were caught with fraudulent practices have been taken to the police station.

She hinted that: “By the grace of God, if we have not been doing our job professionally, we would not have been in business for over 10 years and grown to have over 19 branches in Lagos State. Any staff that defrauds the bank will have to face the law, and of course write an undertaking on how such money will be paid back.

“As at today, we have over 250 employees, and there has never been anytime we disappoint our customers regarding their money. Unlike other organisations, we don’t even owe staff salaries,” she added.   

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  • Anonymous

    This is very true about the organisation. I know someone who worked there for a couple of years and yes, I’d like to add that once you are employed, they request for your original certificate including nysc certificate. When you are about leaving their employ, they hold on to this certificate to harass you to pay for loan clients that you disbursed loans to.
    After giving them almost two months notice of resignation, which my friend wasn’t paid for. They still held on to her certificates for almost 3 years now. It is only by the grace of God that she was able to secure another job. Yet when she secured the job, they wrote to her that they weren’t going to give good reference to her new employer if she doesn’t pay the money.

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