Damilola Samuel Ogunsanya, otherwise known as Lil Dee is ready to change the music scene in Nigeria with his new single ‘Owo’ (money). The song is released on the stable of Akad Records.

The Afro Hip Hop singer with a unique powerful vocal delivery and extraordinary stagecraft is doing everything possible to make a statement in the most competitive music playground in this part of the world, Nigeria.

Lil Dee, who started doing music in 2011 and recorded his first single in 2012 is the second born from a family of five and he is from the South-West part of Nigeria, Ekiti State precisely.

Music comes to him naturally because he loves music and he listens to the best of Afro music while growing up.

Lil Dee was inspired to do music when he listened to Olamide’s Rhapsody album and cuts like Apatijabo and Eniduro were his favorite.

“No doubt, he writes good songs and he is very spontaneous in composing most of his song’s lyrics and he often enters the studio to do his thing without actually writing the songs down,” an associate in Akad Records discloses.

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