Local Govt staff allegedly murdered by suspected land grabber, Mukaila Salau

A suspected land grabber, Mukaila Salau also known as Actor has been fingered in the Easter day gruesome murder of Kazeem Idowu Keshinro, a staff of Ikosi-Ejirin local government for reasons yet unknown in an incident that happened on Monday, 1 April, 2024.



Kazeem Idowu, who was also described as a hunter, had in a chilling video where he could be seen soaked in his pool of blood and his body riddled with bullets, recounted how he went on hunting activities in the Ota area of Ikorodu, Lagos State when he was suddenly ambushed, attacked, shot severally and matcheted on the orders of one Mukaila Salau aka Actor, a suspected land grabber who was physically present at the scene.



The victim sadly gave up the ghost after a few days due to severity of the dastard attack.



According to the visibly distraught elder brother of the victim, Abdulhakeem Keshinro, there has never been any interaction between his younger brother and Salau but he was shocked to hear of the attack.



While describing the manner of the attack, he disclosed that his younger brother was butchered on his head and shot several times before he gave up the ghost some days later. He, however, also confirmed that the victim had listed those responsible for the attack led by Salau aka Actor in a video made available to this medium.



He added: ‘’My brother and Mukaila Salau aka Actor have nothing in common. They are in Ota, we are in Agbowa. But when I heard of the incident, I went to see my brother and he revealed that Mukaila Salau was the one behind it. He said he went to the farm and when he got there, they shot and butchered him on his head in three places.’’



‘’The issue happened in Ota-Ikosi on Easter Monday. I know Actor to be a land grabber and there is nothing between them, my brother who is a hunter only went to hunt. He works for Ikosi Ejirin local government and he had an ID card on him when he was attacked.’’



Meanwhile, following the attack, a petition was written to the Nigeria police force to officially report the incident.



The petition sighted by this news medium partly read: ‘’On the 1st of April, 2024 our Client was on his way back from the farm from checking his traps at Ota Ikosi, via Agbowa, Lagos State when he was waylaid and accosted by some cultists, bandits and terrorists led by (1) MUKAILA OLALEKAN SALAU (A.K.AACTOR)(2) AHMED (A.K.A. FOWOMEYE) (3) OWOMINIRE AKANDE (A.K.A BEMI) (4)ADEYINKA AMUSA (A.K.A. EKO) (5) AFEES OLAWALE (A.K.A. MAGNET) (6) SODIQ (A.K.A.UNDER) (7)MUSA TUNDE KAZEEM (A.K.A.MS) (8)AKEEM LAWAL OLORITUN (9) IBRAHIM EKEMODE (10) WALIU OJOGE (11) JAMIU ADELAJA and (12) LATI (A.K.A ESU) and other criminals notorious for their violent, criminal and atrocious acts at Ota Ikosi, via Agbowa, Lagos-Stale-and its environs in a brazen display of acts of terrorism and disregard for law and order.



‘’That our Client who was not familiar with the aforementioned assailants and their band of terrorists, cultists and bandits innocently walked into the midst of the said assailants who were armed with guns, cutlasses, broken bottles, sticks, iron rods and other dangerous weapons along the Akeo – Ota Ikosi road, and our Client was immediately held and/or seized by the aforementioned assailants and their said band of terrorists, cultists and bandits who there upon demanded to know where our Client was coming from, and where he was going.’’



Speaking further on actions that has been taken, Abdulhakeem said the family had returned to the police station and updated them on the developments, and are earnestly pleading that justice is carried out on the death of his younger brother.


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