I Femi Oyewale started this article with gratitude to God for a time well spent. After almost a year, light has stricken out darkness. Marine Maureen finally gets the judgment that will put her in her place, which is the gallows.

I started the pursuit of truth on this matter many months ago with every conviction that this woman was on a mission from hell. Hence, I did all that is possible with the help of God and proper investigation to bring out facts against all the satanic allegations she threw at MFM and Dr D.k Olukoya.

Many abused me including the Maureen herself. She even promised to face me when she was done eradicating MFM FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH but today the reverse is the case. She seem to be the one that is going into extinction.

GOD CANNOT BE MOCKED as the judgment of the case sitting in the UK HIGH COURT AWARDS JUDGMENT TO DR. OLUKOYA AND MRS OLUKOYA against her in all counts, below is the judgment as it reads.

The High Court of London in the Strand, Queen’s Bench Division, today entered its judgment in a suit commenced by Dr. Daniel Olukoya and his wife Mrs. Folashade Olukoya against Maureen Badejo to stop her from publishing and/or broadcasting further defamatory statements and stories against them.

Dr and Mrs. Olukoya were represented by Mrs. Shubha Nath, Director and Solicitor of Nath Solicitors, a Firm specializing in defamation, and in Court by Mr. Jonathan Price, Barrister of Doughty Street Chambers.
In the course of the hearing which was listed at 10.30 am and concluded at 1.05 pm today, the evidence was so overwhelming that even Maureen Badejo’s lawyer conceded that her remarks in all those broadcasts were “serious and defamatory”

Upon conclusion of hearing, Master Thornett proceeded to pronounce an immediate judgment in which he granted an order of perpetual injunction restraining Maureen Badejo from publishing defamatory words against or concerning the Plaintiffs and ordered her to pay the legal costs incurred by the Olukoya’s in the suit. The erudite Judge opined in his judgment thus “…it is overwhelmingly clear that the nature of this defamation is severe and serious….. And that the numbers of publications are considerable”
With reference to the Counter Claim filed by Maureen Badejo claiming monies lost by her from the shutting down of some of her broadcasts by You-Tube and Facebook sequel to complaints from Dr. Olukoya’s lawyers, the Judge dismissed it as a frivolous claim and an abuse of process.
The London case will continue for the Court to forensically determine the quantum of damages due to Dr and Mrs. Olukoya for these defamations and to award the same.

It will be interesting to observe how Maureen Badejo treats this judgment delivered in a country which she boasts of being legally resident and where, in her opinion, things are done properly and in accordance with the law. This writer is tempted to challenge her to pour the same filth and disobedience she lavished on the Nigerian judiciary a few weeks ago.
This is a lesson to all that lies may go on for several years but truth will always catch up with and demolish it in a jiffy. Many people has expected Dr. Olukoya and his wife to be cowed into surrender but their dogged determination as persons who have no skeletons in their cupboard has served to show that meekness is not weakness.

I speak as a journalist and one who understand the power of truth, Maureen God is not done yet, after this earthly settlement that just happened, I know that God will start his own, because you cannot rubbish the house of God and his people and expect to go free, for your spectators supporters and all those who supplied you information that has buried you today, will have time.
I remain FEMI OYEWALE. Stay tuned for the continuation of this story.

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