A foolish and ignorant person will draw conclusions from her usual demonstrations and dramatic speeches, as she shouts on top of her voice in her broadcast, with abysmal ignorance over a matter that was never heard neither a motion that was moved.

What happened in the lawsuit against Maureen Badejo in America was just a situation of a local judge who thinks that since Badejo doesn’t live in America the case should not be heard, but in my opinion, since MFM is an international ministry and a global brand for that matter, and in this case,  in most of her online rants she has also defamed a lot of MFM’S AMERICAN PASTORS, i believe that a matter like this should be borderless since her libelous and defamatory broadcast had no borders and boundaries.

For your information, contrary to what she broadcast on the 17th MAY 2021 that Dr. D.k Olukoya and MFM had lost the case or better put that she has won the case, IS A COMPLETELY WRONG INFORMATION, this is just a jurisdiction problem. No one has lost and no one has won. THE DEFAMATION MATTER WAS NOT ADDRESSED. 

There was a technical legal issue over the court’s jurisdiction over Badejo simply because GIO TV and Maureen are not situated in the USA. I believe that MFM will not let such technical issues detract from the real issues here of baseless libel. 

And I am sure that the resolve for MFM to continue to correct the wrongs inflicted on the ministry and the person of DR DK OLUKOYA will be stronger than ever before.

IF YOU MAY RECALL FROM my previous publications I simply established how her wrongs have been consistently demonstrated in both the Nigerian, English, and Austrian High courts.

For you to know how much of a liar she is, after admitting that she received all court servings, seven of them in one of her subsequent Facebook live broadcast videos, same Maureen Badejo reiterated that she read about the Nigerian case in the pages of newspapers WHAT A JOKE SHE IS, let me stop here but will keep in touch as the matter unfolds (video)

 FEMI OYEWALE I come with the truth

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