Meet 4 Nigerian Singers who are addicted to weed smoking

Virtually all Nigerian entertainers have one time or the other tested Indian Hemp, otherwise know as weed. While some take the substance to get inspiration, some will insist on taking it to get ‘high’ before facing a large audience. This, they claim, helps in dishing out an audacious performance without getting crowd-shy. Meanwhile, to some of these entertainers, weed smoking is just an addiction. Whether they are recording in studio, at home or out for an event, they just have to smoke weed. It’s an addiction they can’t help control. Before or after using the toilet; they must smoke it. Before or after eating, weed must also be available, else, there would be a ‘problem’ with their appetite or digestive system. Newscarte writes about four Nigerian singers who are weed addicts.

TERRY G: Born Gabriel Oche-Amanyi, Terry G is multi-talented entertainer, who can play many musical instruments. He started his career as a gospel musician, recorded an album, but didn’t have financial strength to release the album then. This prompted him to switch to secular music. Even before the switch, Terry G had been a star admired by many in the gospel circuit. The likes of Samklef used to look up to him as an idol then.
But as talented and humble as Terry G may be, weed smoking addiction is his major weakness, as he mostly misbehaves after taking the substance in large quantity. Before his music career faded, the Free Madness crooner didn’t hesitate to advertise weed in many of his hit songs.

MAY D: No doubt, he is a gifted singer with a unique voice. He rose to fame on the back of Peter and Paul Okoye of the now defunct P-Square music group. But aside from pride and arrogance, excessive consumption of weed is a major bane of May D. Anyone close to him will attest to this.
When next you see Mr May D, check his lips and dentition, then you will realize how far he has gone as a weed addict.

BRYMO: Music buffs will never forget the dexterity of Brymo in the chorus of ‘Oleku’, a monster hit cut he was featured in by fellow Chocolate City artiste, Ice Prince. Consistently, Brymo proved his mettle as a naturally gifted singer that would stand the test of time. But his then rising career began to nosedive immediately his relationship with Chocolate City hits the rocks.
He had posted a picture glorifying weed on Twitter, an irresponsible act that didn’t go down well with the Audu Maikori led management of Chocolate City, who had been working day and night to give the label a corporate leverage. All efforts to make Brymo pull down the weed Tweet fell on deaf ears. He is also an addicted Indian Hemp smoker.

BLACKFACE: Many years ago, when gunmen attacked 2Baba and broke his neck, you remember? A colleague residing around FESTAC Town axis rushed to Blackface’s home the following morning to hear his opinion on the attack of his longtime friend and colleague of the defunct Plantashun Boyz group. But to the greatest surprise of the Journalist, Blackface was already high on weed. As early as 7am! The odour and ‘cloud’ that rented the air in his apartment made the Reporter too uncomfortable that he couldn’t stay much longer for an extensive interview.

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