My boss tried to discourage my husband from dating me – Helen Paul

Popular Nigerian entertainer, Helen Paul has recounted how her boss attempted to discourage Femi Bamisile, her husband, from dating her.

The stand-up comedian spoke about the challenges she faced during courtship when she was featured on the latest episode of the Honest Bunch podcast.

The professor said while working at Television Continental (TVC), her boss and her human resource personnel denigrated Bamise for choosing to marry her.

“My boss called my husband to say ‘Femi, is it that kind of Helen you want to date? You are more than this’. And he said ‘if you want to just enjoy yourself with her it is okay,” she said.

“I took Femi to my own office then in TVC. My HR looked at Femi and said ‘look at how clean you are. A lawyer. Why the choice of Helen?”

Helen Paul and Bamisile tied the knot in 2010. Their marriage is blessed with children.

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