Nigeria Army To Relocate To Epe Barracks

The Nigeria Army is set to relocate to its old site in Epe area of Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria.

The Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General T.Y Buratai made this declaration during the opening ceremony in their old site in Epe.

He stressed further that “Some part of the Nigeria Army in Yaba Military Cantonment will be relocated to the site. The financial department of the Nigeria Army will also be relocated here in the site. The engineering department of the Nigeria Army will Also be relocated here. Army Command Secondary School in Yaba, Children School will also be relocated here in Epe.”

The Corps Commander, Major General J.S. Malu who gave his welcoming address said, “please permit me to give the brief history of the Nigeria Army Barracks, Epe:

“In 1970, the Nigeria Army acquired a parcel of land in Epe measuring 29.045 hectares. In 1975, additional acreage had been acquired which brought the total Nigeria Army land area in Epe to 440 hectares.

“The restructuring of the Nigeria Army in 1990 resulted in the merging of some units, and abandonment of some units, and abandonment of some barracks, Epe became one of such abandoned Barracks.

“The Lagos State Government, having observed reduced military activity at Epe, requested to use the barracks as a satellite Campus of the Lagos State University. The request was subsequently granted.

“Thus, the Nigeria Army ceded the developed area measuring 48.8 hectares to Lagos State Government, while the remaining 39.2 hectares remained Nigeria Army property. Unfortunately, over the years the lack of military presence on the land gave grabbers the opportunity to encroach on the property.

“Although, there are numbers of dilapidated structures on the property, a recent reconnaissance by the Directorate of Army Real Estate (DARE) revealed that the remaining undeveloped area has greatly reduced due to incessant activities of these devious persons.

“The Nigeria Army has therefore in recent years nursed the idea of developing undeveloped activities in support of national security. Consequently upon the expansion of the Nigeria Army and in a bid expansion of the Nigeria Army and in a bid to halt further encroachment, the COAS directed that the rest of the land be developed.

“The Directive is premised on two vital exigencies; the first is the need general area and the second being in need to relocate some Nigeria Army formations and installations due to the railway expansion project being undertaken by the present administration for the benefit of the nation.

“Ultimately, this barracks is to house such Nigeria Army Units as the Nigeria Army School of finance and administration (NASFA) and the 81 Based Ordnance Depot (BOD) amongst others. The development work on this land is to be carried out by the Nigeria Army Engineers and the Nigeria Army Special Project (NASP) as Direct Labour Project (DLP).

“The scope of work covers constitution of office complexes, Officers quarters, SNCOS quarters, Corporal below quarters (CBQS), force and other vital facilities. Our works include water supply, eternal electrifications and internal access road.”

– Dedeigbo Ayodeji

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