Pius Okaba Shoots New Flick, Orisa with Hollywood Stars

Pius Okaba, a Berlin-based Nigerian popularly known for his controversial film, AYE is currently shooting a new flick, Orisa, parading an array of Hollywood stars.
Orisa is a Yoruba word for shrine and is filmed in the most notorious part of Johannesburg, South Africa, the artistic city of Berlin, Germany and the backdrop of historical medieval, Czech Republic.
Schelaine Bennett who is known for Netflix’s Red Sea Resort staring the likes of Chris Evans, Hayley Bennett and Micheal K Williams, is one of the international actors in Orisa. Schelaine also stars in Monster Hunter, a movie by Paul WS Anderson with Hollywood names such as Milla Jovovich, Tony Jaa and TI.
Also starring in Orisa is Daniel Hadebe, a South African star actor and model best known for his role as a paparazzi photographer and ladies’ man (Jomo “Jay-Jay” Zwane) in the e.TV soap, Scandal! Hadebe has featured in Hollywood movies such as District 9, DREDD and Invictus with Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon.
Orisa, written by Pius Okaba, is more provocative as it touches on the issue of human trafficking and child rape.
Okaba’s previous film, AYE, won best short film at the African Diaspora Cinema Festival in Florence Italy and was also screened at various countries such as Britain, Italy, Ghana and Nigeria.
Pius Okaba is a film director and actor that currently lives in Berlin, Germany. Over his 10- year career in the film and television industry, he worked in various fields such as Format Buying, On-Air Image Design, Content Acquisition, Content Development/Management, Airtime Sales, Directing and Production for both the film and television industry.
Codread, as he is fondly called, is an alumnus of The New York Film Academy (NYFA) where he studied acting and he holds a Master of Arts degree in film directing from the prestigious University of West London. He is currently pursuing a second Masters Degree (MFA) in motion pictures and is a residence lecturer at the Prague Film Institute in Czech Republic where he teaches directing.
His controversial film, AYE released in 2019 sees a wide acceptance across the European film industry. AYE won the award of Best Short Film at the African Diaspora Cinema Festival in Florence, Italy and was nominated and screened at I Will Tell International Film Festival, London, Black Star International Film Festival, Accra Ghana, The South African International Film Festival, South Africa, Africa international Film Festival, Lagos Nigeria, and Inshort Film Festival in Lagos, Nigeria.
Pius Okaba’s role as a witch hunter in the most anticipated Czech fairy tale film of all time Princezna Zakletá V Čase (Princess Lost in Time) which is expected to be released in cinemas across Europe in a couple of weeks has made him a household name in the acting scene in Europe.
Although, his appearance in Berlin Tag Und Nacht, a daily series on German television RTL II earned him some accolades in the Deutsch speaking country. His acting career started on South Africa’s popular MNET series Jacobs Cross and he was also feature on Intersexion, a weekly series on South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC).

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