Politicians Have Reduced Some Clerics To Bootlickers – Gumi

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, renowned Islamicscholar, has taken yet another swipe at politicians in the country.

In a videoclip that has gone viral, the Islamic scholar accused politicians of destroying clerics.

Gumi said that many clerics in the country have been reduced to bootlickers because that is the only way they would have foodon their tables.

He said, “Clerics in the country have been reduced to bootlickers that now they are afraidof telling truth to power.

“Many of them have kept quite out of fear of being locked up; and some other just because they are diningwith politicians.”

He also criticised the “unnecessary” display of wealth at the wedding of President Muhammadu Buhari’s son.

He said picturesof a dilapidated hospitalwere sent to him from the state of one of the governors who attended the occasion.

He added, “The roof was blown off and a patient was lying on the bed. That governor was in Kano to attendwedding.

“How many schools were rehabilitated? The money that should be used to caterfor the people is the one they.”

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