Segun Ogunbunmi @50: The Story of the Publisher turned Farmer

By Mike Osagie 

“It is not what we do once a while that makes tick. It is what we do,day in day out that makes us professional and highly respected”

I have known Otunba Segun Ogunbunmi , who is celebrating his 50th Golden jubilee since the late 90’s when we were then ‘ struggling ‘ young pen pushers before God ( fortune) smiled on us

Ogunbunmi & I first began as friends ( he has the most highest regards for me back in days and till today) and now we are like brothers

Ogunbunmi to me is one of the most reliable men you can call a friend and I can walk to his house & office without an appointment and I will be welcome

During my brief & eventful  voyage to South Africa. He was one of the few who constantly check on me and send me local Nigeria’s papers by post

Ogunbunmi is a man of peak abundance mentality who detest lack or mediocrity ,from day one ,he has been on the wings

Today, it is not a surprise to many of us that his resilience has turned him into a big time farmer and businessman

His success and tutelage in this business was what spurred me to have my first poultry business up North

As he marks his golden jubilee, I wish to thank him for his loyalty, kindness and trust

Happy fifty birthday. Now that you’ve blown out all 50 birthday candles on your cake, you’ve proven, once and for all, you are truly young at heart or you have what I call “longevity”.

Congratulations on turning 50! I wish you all the good things in the coming years. You deserve a well-deserved break — enjoy it, and cherish your achievements.

One love

& very Best Wishes 

Czar of Letter’s

Chief  Mike Cerutti Osagie

( He often calls me De Obariisi)

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