Sexual harassment has drastically reduced in Nollywood –Ruth Kadiri

Top actress, Ruth Kadiri Ezerika, has declared that sexual harassmentis a phenomenon common among the up and coming actorsin Nollywood.

According to the mother of one, 80 percent of sexual harassments in the industry take place among people struggling to find their feet. “I don’t think there’s so much sexual harassment anymore. I’m saying this because I’ve grownto a point where nobody can say nonsense to me. But I have my ears to the ground, I don’t have a lot of people coming to me saying this person requested sex for a role, and also because the industry is now female-dominated. These are the reasons I think that sexual harassment has been reduced. I can’t say it has been eradicated because one or two persons will always fall victim and find themselves in that situation, but I think it has drastically reduced,” she explained.

On reasons she lovesto keep her marriageand husband’s identity a top secret, Ruth says: “First of all, my marriage is not top secret. If it were top secret, you wouldn’t know that I’m married. Secondly, my husband’s identity is not top secret, if you are close to me and you know me in the real sense, you would know that he’s not a secret.

My husbandvisits my set when I’m working. My friends come homeand they meet him, they’ve had interactions with him. My family and friendsknow him, what else? Anybody that knows me, knows my husband and that’s alright.”

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