Singer Cynthia Morgan In Physical Assault Scandal

Budding singer and songwriter, Nuel Emuebie, with the stage name Nel Carter, is at loggerheads with his friend of over ten years, Cynthia Morgan, who he claimed physically assaulted him during a heated argument. 

In an exclusive interview with The PUNCH, Nel Carter explained that he rekindled his friendship with Morgan in April. He said after they spoke, the German Juice singer advised that he moves in with her at her Ajah residence.

Carter stated that he later moved in with the singer on May 9. According to him, Morgan advised him to delete all his pictures on Instagram as a form of rebranding.

Already, the pair has a song together that seems to have caused a bone of contention between them. Carter stated that he asked Morgan about their business structure and agreement but he never got a favourable response. 

He said, “On Monday night, I asked that we have a business conversation where she will clearly state my role and we will inform the lawyers, then sign the relevant documents. I had a scholarship that I put on hold because I felt since I have this opportunity; I can work on my music as there is a studio in the house.  

“There is this song we made together and decided the song will be a collaboration between Cynthia Morgan and Nel Carter. So, it will be an entry for me. After I suggested that we have the business meeting, I asked for the role I ought to play because I slept on stage at Abuja and we went to several places; am I an artiste or a hype man? But she said no. 

“I asked if I was an A&R because the song we did together, I had to use my data to send it to the United States for it to be mixed and mastered. Also, I was in touch with other artistes for her to get deals, but she said that is not my role. I asked if I was an artiste under her label so that we will talk about the split sheet and that was when the conversation started to change.

“I wrote the chorus of the song in contention and two verses while she wrote her verse. I told her that we should have a split sheet agreement but she said it cannot be a 50-50 agreement since it is her name that features me. Once again, I told her to let me know if it is a management deal because I went to Abuja with my money. Also, the Instagram photos that I deleted on her request were my resume in the entertainment industry. I hyped her on stage and I was meant to be paid. 

“They said it can be a management structure, which sounded good. They further said that I had to tell them a budget if I wanted them to manage me. I felt we were in-house, but since they weren’t treating me as such, I asked if I could venture on my own to get deals and I will gather my percentage and tell them what I have. Cynthia Morgan disagreed and said I will have to leave the money with them. 

“I told them that I did not want the management deal anymore since I have been coping well enough alone. I have done behind the scenes with P-Square, Emma Nyra, Davido and Tekno, so I have evolved. I can handle it very well. She decided that I should remove her verse from the song we did and I agreed since I had sent the song to the US.”

Carter claimed that while the conversation was ongoing, Morgan threw her phone at him, which caused him bodily injury. 

He further stated that she called him a bastard as she bragged that there was nothing he could do to her. 

He said, “In the midst of all that, an argument ensued and she began to charge at me; she did that about twice. I did not leave where I was sitting because we were having a business discussion, even though she wanted to intimidate me as I had moved my things into her house based on her word that we will do business together. 

“As I was talking, her manager tried to hold her, and before I knew it, her phone had hit my face. I can’t feel a part of my face due to the impact of when she threw her phone at me. The place was quite dark, so I did not see when she threw the phone at me. All I know is that I felt blood trickling down towards my beards. 

“She kept trying to look for things to attack me. She ran upstairs, but her manager kept holding her since about midnight when it all started. She said that I am a nobody and I am a bastard and that nobody can do anything to her if she does anything to me. 

“I am locked up in the room, but she came to my window to shout at me. All of this is because I agreed to leave my house; I packed my things on my birthday to come over to her place. I made the decision because I already had my songs to launch me into the world. I felt this was a perfect time. My friend advised me against this decision but I did not listen because I have known her for about ten years.”

However, The PUNCH reached out to Morgan’s Public Relations Manager, Muyiwa Babalola. While responding to the allegation, Babalola wrote in a Whatsapp message, “Cynthia Morgan and Nel Carter have been friends for the past 10 years. He is currently in her house having breakfast. We urge the media to kindly disregard whatever claims of assault/domestic violence. 

“Nel will be releasing an EP in few weeks and this is a great opportunity for him.”

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