Smackdown: Amosun Knocks Out Dapo Abiodun Again

The current battle for Federal appointments and slots among political gladiators in Ogun State can be likened to that of a jungle, where only the fittest survives, and there are clear indications Amosun is taking the lead.

The rivalry, as expected, is between the loyalists of Governor Dapo Abiodun and his predecessor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, who is not leaving any stone unturned to take charge of everything.

Though during the last election, Amosun didn’t support the candidacy of Abiodun, and when the latter was imposed by the national leaders of the All Progressive Congress (APC), he stormed out of the party and floated APM, whose governorship flag bearer was Akinlade.

Subsequently, the APC expelled Amosun from the party, though he was called back after the elections. Despite betraying the party during the last elections, Amosun is still waxing stronger, rendering Gov Abiodun who is supposed to be the leader of the party in the state gasping for breath. He even mobilized his supporters to embarrass President Buhari during a rally in Abeokuta.

Yet, all the federal appointments and slots entitled to Ogun State have been won by the loyalists of Amosun at the expense of the Governor’s supporters.

As it stands, no federal appointment is going the way of those who worked for APC in Ogun State during the last general elections, as Amosun is using his position with President Muhammadu Buhari to divert all the appointments for his loyalists.

On Wednesday President Buhari released a list of non-career ambassadorial nominees to the Senate for screening and subsequent confirmation.

And for the slot of Ogun State, he nominated former SSG to governor Gbenga Daniel, Chief Sarafa Tunji Ishola, who was the Director General of Amosun’s APM campaign organization to spite Abiodun again.

Before now, Amosun was able to secure ministerial appointment for Lekan Adegbite, his former Commissioner for works.

Also, Leke Adewolu, a member of the APM and former commissioner for special duties during Amosun’s tenure was appointed to the board of NCC to replace Sunday Dare the current minister of sports.

All these are pointing to the fact that Governor Dapo Abiodun is not in control of the APC in Ogun State because all the people working for him are not getting any federal appointment.

Those who are familiar with the nitty gritty of Ogun Politics have also predicted a tough battle for Governor Dapo Abiodun to secure a second term in office, as Amosun is still working round the clock and capitalizing on the APC crisis to give the current governor a run for his money.

It will be survival of the fittest between Governor Dapo Abiodun and Senator Amosun come 2023.

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