So many people trade their body for survival — Actress Lydia Forson

Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson has revealed that so many people trade s*x for survival because of the hardship in the country.

The actress in a series of tweets noted that these days hard work, morals and dedication don’t pay.

Forson wrote, “This country is tough, especially for young men & women; because there’s never any guarantee that your hard work, morals & dedication will pay. I wish we’d stop pretending that we don’t know the system we’re in. We can’t change it by lying to ourselves.

“The Ugly Truth. Many of you are arguing from a place of shame, fear or guilt. You know what goes on in these work environments, you know about the power dynamics and you know about the harassments. You’ve just convinced yourself that money/favours dismisses it; it doesn’t.

“So many of you trade sx for survival not because it’s what you want; but the system makes it exceptionally hard for you to tow the righteous path. I’m not judging you, I’m just saying STOP acting like women & men (yes, them too) aren’t sucking d*k under the table for jobs.

“I’m never going to sit up here and act like I’m better than others because I chose a different path; truth is, it’s been fucking hard. On many occasions, I’ve felt left behind, sad and frustrated because I’ve had to work 10X to get what others did. Change starts with honesty!”

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