Stardom: The Good and The Bad

All over the world, celebrities live a lifestyle the stuff of dreams, but not everybody would pray to experience the pains, sacrifices and witch-hunting attached to stardom. Not even those who aspire to be in the eye of public in one way or the other would wish to experience it. Forget about the social media hypes, posh cars and mansions –it is not easy to be a celeb.

See, life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you won’t be quite lucky. But come what may, resilience, hard work and a good heart will surely pave ways for you somehow, even in the face of heavy storm and adversity. Righteousness exalts a nation.

The truth is; everybody is a celebrity in his/her own right. Whether you’re a roadside auto-mechanic or a roasted corn seller, believe me, you’re a celebrity! You know why? There are people who look up to you, and there are people who would defy all odds just to patronise you. All you need is believe in yourself and always strive to give your best. Never compete or compare yourself with someone else. Most importantly, be sincere with people you come in contact with.

Be conscious of how you treat people you meet on your way up because you might need them when the chips are down. As a celebrity, not everyone will like you –always remind yourself of this fact. Some people will just hate you for no reason. Some people will despise you because you are succeeding. Some will even go extra miles to bring you down for no reason. Such is life.

You also have to be careful of those foes who parade themselves as friends –they’re the deadliest of all.

Social media has even made things worse. It’s where you will see the same fan cursing you at the comments section come to secretly beg for money in your inbox. It’s really weird.

When you’re doing something good to help your brand, they will never congratulate or encourage you to do more. But when you mistakenly get it wrong, they would be the first to call to message you, tactically adding salt to your injury. That’s when people who have not communicated with you in ages will resurrect, pretending to be sympathising with you, while in real sense, they’re making a mockery of your predicament.

The biggest mistake any human being could make is to expect everybody to like him/her. It is not possible! If it was not everybody that liked Jesus Christ, despite all the numerous life-changing miracles, who then is Helen Paul that she would expect everybody to like her? If Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) was not liked by everybody, despite being a true messenger of God on earth, then who are you to expect love from everybody?

Irrespective of your imperfections, those who would love you will do so, in fact unconditionally. And even if you do everything to please everybody, some will still mock you. The best thing is –live your life, be kind to humanity as much as you can, and develop a strong personal relationship with your God. The rest would be history.

As a celebrity, people judge you too easily, even without knowing you personally or have any encounter with you before. Let he who is without sin throw the first stone. You keep abusing Wizzy on social media for impregnating ladies; meanwhile your own story is more pathetic. You don’t even have the financial ability to cater for those innocent babies. You’re crucifying Linda Ikeji for being a babymama, whereas your sister has three children for different men. You need to run a reality check on yourself and stop being a hypocrite.

Celebs are humans just like you. They are the girl/guy next door. They are not spirits or super-humans. They make mistakes like every other being too, so don’t expect them to be perfect always. However, there are times when we celebrities go too far as well. As role models to the society, certain acts can be avoided. …to be continued

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