Step Down From Leadership, It is Time For Youths To Take Over — Hon Ahmadu Jibril Oludare

The Young Parliamentarians Forum (YPF) of the National Assembly have expressed the readiness of youths in Nigeria to take over the affairs of the nation during a two-day national retreat held in Lagos.

The retreat themed ‘Youth Alliance – Towards 2023 General Elections’ is aimed at bringing Nigerian youths together for the purpose of ensuring that power is handed over to the young ones in all sectors of the Nigerian society.

Dignitaries at the event include the Vice President prof Yemi Osinbanjo, Speaker of the house of Assembly Rt Hon Femi Gbajabiamila, Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state amongst Speakers of various state house of assembly and federal and state legislators.

During his speech, Hon Jubril Oludare who represented Kogi state governor reacted against the notion that Nigerian youths are not ready to lead the country. He explained that at the moment, the country has lots of young governors and parliamentarians doing well in their various capacities.

While citing Gov Yahaya Bello of Kogi state as an example, He made it known that the state is enjoying the dividend of having young people in governance as shown in his youthful and purposeful leadership in the state. 

He noted that the legacy Nigeria celebrates today were built by our founders when they were youths, hence, the need for them to step down from leadership and provide mentorship to guide the youths coming on board.

He frowned at the rumors by scared political opponents as the momentum for the call for Gov Yahaya Bello to answer the call of the youths to represent them for the glorified seat in villa intensifies. Haven proven to be a young performing Governor and has mustered the necessary experience in Governance to lead our dear nation in this trying times. 

He said ” if Yahaya Bello accepts the call to lead our Nigeria youths in the 2023 polls it can only be for the seat of the President. For the youths have come of age to grab that which truly belongs to them” 

Although, He recognized the part old leaders play in advising the young ones but reinstated the fact that the youths are now ready to take the entirety of the country come 2023.

‘‘I see all young faces here and I begin to ask myself, how will people say the youths are not ready when we have experience youths on board in governance? We have state governors that are young who are doing very well, we are evident of it in Kogi. We have parliamentarians that are young and are doing the needful. I look at a forum or opportunity where in 2023 as election unfolds, we will take over the entirety of this country’’

 ‘’In USA, barrack Obama was produced by students, Macron of France was the youngest among those that contested because the youths know what they stood for and ensured he emerged’’

‘’The legacy we celebrate today as Nigerians were built by our founding fathers when they were youths, you cannot be a youth yesterday, a youth today and a youth tomorrow, it’s a process. As you ruled in the era of being youths and advanced into an older age, the best you can do is provide mentorship to guide the youths coming on board’’

‘’We are not disrespectful to our elders as young executives in governance, they are people who have also consulted for guidance but as young people, we need to make our voice known now, we need to sting our feet firm on the ground and say enough is enough, the youth is ready to take over Nigeria’’

Other dignitaries in the event include young members of the national assembly, Speaker of Lagos house of assembly, Hon Mudashiru Obasa, Speaker of Oyo house of assembly, Hon. Debo Ogundoyin, Speaker of  Plateau House Of Assembly , Abok Izam, Speaker Of Gombe House Of Assembly, Abubakar Muhammad Luggerewo,Youngest Chief Whip in Nigeria, Honourable Muktar Bajeh, SSA to Governor Yahaya Bello On Entertainment, Hon Juwon ‘Jumabee’ Olorunipa.

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