A Yoruba Social Cultural group, Network of Yoruba Alliance, NEYA has issued a statement recently asking the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo to shelve the purported attempt to waive his immunity for what he called proper investigation of his person on the issues of news making rounds that he Prof. Yemi Osinbajo is involved in a N90billion FIRS money scandal. 

In a statement signed by the General Secretary, Samuel Adelaja and made available to the press, NEYA advised the V.P to stop such insinuations adding that the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria makes provision for immunity for the office of the Vice President and not his person of which he Prof. Yemi Osinbajo cannot be separated from the office. 

The position of vice president is not the same as religious environment, as a public office holder, he should expect occurrences such as this because after this another will still prompt up therefore, how many occasions will he waive his immunity? 

We rather advise Prof. Osibanjo to have a rethink of the people he delegates responsibilities. 

A typical example is the planned federal agriculture scheme, a project he unwittingly designated to some dishonest, fraudulent element such as Akinnuoye Akindele Sunday and others to coordinate in the South West which has been hijacked by them for personal gains and also, the community policing initiative. Recruitment into security architecture of this country especially as low as the communities should be left in the hands of the local government authorities those are the closest to the grassroots and not some persons of questionable characters.

Adelaja advised the Vice President to remain focus on his duties to which he was co-elected in joint ticket with President Muhammadu Buhari. 

There are enormous tasks ahead and these allegations are just political gimmicks to distract him from actively performing his constitutional duties, the Vice President should know better. 

Secondly, the act is tantamount to undermining his exalted office as the second in command of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

The V.P should realize he is dealing with diverse people including those that want him out of their ways. The best answer from him is to remain focused and ignore the noise. Nigerians both home and diaspora are concerned about the economic turn around and not his attention to rumors. 

NEYA, a network of over 26 organizational members cut across the South Western States, quickly pointed out the inability of some unscrupulous elements in the administration to have their freeways and reigns has made Prof. Osinbajo their ark enemy. 

The programs and projects the Vice President oversees are the fairest and most organized of this administration’s programs. Amongst such programs is the Npower program. Under his supervision, the Npower program actually impact youths that are really in need of the opportunity the program provided. 

Participants needed not to lobby from any political godfather likewise the market women money. Many political jobbers are aggrieved that such projects could have been assigned to some committee so they could manipulate the process. These are the issues.

Those who seemed at lost in this regime have sort after character assassination of the Vice President instead of identifying the areas where policies are not people oriented, where governance is bias and abased, dwindling economy and infrastructural degradation are all issues staring our faces. These mammoth challenges are worth given high priority. – Dedeigbo Ayodeji


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