How Edo State Deputy Gov. Philip Shaibu Gave Filmmaker Lancelot Imasuen A Shock Of His Life

It was the day-four of the 50th birthday celebration of award winning Nollywood filmmaker and director, Ambassador Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen aka D’Guvnor.

The joyous celebrant, who has left no stone unturned for the success of the 50th birthday narrated his experience over the weekend during one of the activities lined up for his golden jubilee.

It was at Rehab Lounge, 56b, 2nd Ugbor road, GRA, Benin city, over the weekend.

With programmes lined up for almost every day of the week, day-four was marked to be a day to merry with the legend; and popular comedians, Edo Pikin and MC Casino, who were some of the beneficiaries of the benevolent gestures of Lancelot Imasuen organized a special night Comedy Club Special with Lancelot (D Gov’nor) tagged; ‘Laughing With Lancelot@50’.

The whole entertainment center had been filled to its capacity as it was a weekend and Lancelot, being a Benin man is loved by his kinsmen, his colleagues and those he is grooming.

The event was at its crescendo when the Deputy Governor of Edo State, Rt. Honorable Philip Shaibu called him that he would loved to be at the Lounge to laugh it out with one of the Nollywood’s greatest. 

According to Lancelot; “It was as if I got a wrong call. I have to check my phone again to see that it was His Excellency that called me because, that was the least of my expectations.”

Immediately the call came in, the lounge was thrown into a frenzy. As quick plans had to be made so as to accommodate the latest development. And as if under an unforseen spell, hardly had the Deputy Governor set out for the visit, when a heavy rain broke out. The rain was so drenching with traffic lock-downs on the roads leading to the lounge that the much loved Deputy Governor had to alight from his official vehicle and trek to the event center without any police orderlies in the rain.

Hon. Philip Shaibu came down from his official vehicle. Walked through the rain without his security details, arrived the venue of the event drenched in the heavy downpour that occured on that day; and still sat for more than two hours in the great ambience of laughter and merriment with utmost respect and love from his people.

The joyous celebrant said; “it was an unforgettable experience for me. I have to sing and dance with so much joy, expressing my love, respect and admiration for the Deputy Governor of my State for the great love shown me.”

Before his departure, the lovable number two man of the Heartbeat of the Nation said; “I have to come because of my love and respect for Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen and his works. He is one of those few people who have devoted so much of their resources to the development of Edo culture and traditions. I have been following his works for a very long time and I can say he is a great man. I will advise our youths to follow his footsteps, groom themselves and wait patiently without cutting corners.”

The Deputy Governor also promised to work with Lancelot Imasuen henceforth and also promises to surprise him during his 51st birthday.

The one month long golden jubilee celebration still continues with different activities lined up.

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