They Advance Injustice And Hate Under The Cover Of Religion (1)

By Fr. Uche Ikechukwu, CMF

Religion is one of the most misused platforms outside the political, social and economic platforms as well as one of the most empowering platforms with the true disposition to embrace God as He really is.

‘Religion’ from it’s root words, re-ligéré, re-ligaré,  simply puts ‘to connect’. To bridge the gap between humans and the Supernatural Being – God. 

Religion expresses human desire to connect with God, spirits, the Supernatural Being and the world beyond matter. 

However, these targets are often missing given to some human elements mediating religious realities, revealed truths, and religious demands. 

Under the cover of religion people of all kinds and groups have made some lofty claims about God and what God demands. Some like the Biblical Scribes and Pharisees have positioned themselves to reposition God. 

Can God be repositioned? No way! 

We only end up fooling ourselves sometimes in the name of religion. Some speak for God than allowing God to speak through them, some fight for God than allowing God fight the battle either by Himself or through sacramental or mediated means – human agencies, nature, etc. 

Some have played ‘god’ thinking they are right in their views. But they have become the fools who have said in their hearts, ” there’s no God above.” These they say by actions they consider ‘religious’ but are truly empty of anything religious in the end.

They speak when God has not spoken, they act when it seems God is too calm to act but He’s only being patient for salvation’s sake, waiting for His divine clock to tick with chairos moment.

From inception, false Prophets, Priests, Diviners of all kinds, and in more recent times Pastors, Evangelist, Imams, religious fundamentalists have positioned themselves in place of God, speaking the “Thus says the Lord” even when the Lord never says thus. 

The silence of God has been misunderstood and misused, the retribution of the last day and the judgment day is not left out of this wanton misunderstanding as humans have fashioned all kinds of doctrines and teachings in the name of God. 

Some religions have fashioned doctrines and teachings excluding God’s love, mercy and grace in it. How on earth did one come up with the idea of fighting for God? Thereby killing to advance the course of God. Hmmmmmmm. Liars of all time! 

The grace, love and mercy of God have also been misunderstood and misused by religious adherents of various sects and factions. 

However, the nature of God’s grace, love and mercy, nutures all errors like a raw material with it’s end products as true conversion, holiness and righteousness of life. 

The grace, love and mercy of God best fulfil it’s purpose in your life with true conversion, holiness and Purity of soul; enabling you with the rightful dispositions to encounter God.

God is not weak to fight for Himself, God is not too silent to speak, God is not evil to kill, render people homeless, ‘nationless’, ‘famililess’, hopeless, fatherless, motherless, childless, and less human. 

The Talibans have decided their victory over their host nation – Afghanistan by vanquish. Can a prodigal son do away with his father? 

No true victory is won by vanquish. If you like ask NIGERIA and BIAFRA of West Africa, Ife and Modakeke of Ibadan, Aguleri and Umuleri of Anambra, Tutsi and Hutus of Rwanda.

You attract more wars with war, hate with more hates, your mother nation is coming to answer you when she’s willing. 

While we lament the Fall of Afghanistan into the hands of the Taliban group Nigerian wakeup to your fate. It may be smelling in Afghanistan today but it’s same breez blowing the odor. 

Fr. Uche Ikechukwu, CMF, writes in from Nigeria. 

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