Weapons paraded by DSS not mine, I use traditional powers –Igboho

Controversial Yoruba Nation agitator, Sunday Adeyemo, otherwise known as Sunday Igboho, has said the weapons paraded by the DSS as recovered from his house did not belong to him.

Igboho, whose house was invaded by DSS operatives early Thursday, said he used traditional power to protect himself and not guns.

In a statement on Friday by his spokesman, Olayomi Koiki, the activist said the weapons paraded by the DSS were either planted in his house or the security agents brought them out from their armoury.

.Some of the weapons recovered from Igboho’s house raid.

He said the failure of the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd), to protect the South-West people and the people of the entire southern Nigerian from criminals, including killer herdsmen, was what prompted him to rise up to defend his people.

He said he had never killed anybody during his struggles as he did not chase law-abiding herders from the South-West.

Igboho blamed his travail on the alleged move to Fulanise the country, saying he was seen as a threat to the Fulani agenda to take over the country.

He said, “Nigerians and the international community should please be aware that the security operatives who invaded my home either planted the ammunition being paraded in the media in my home or harvested them from their armoury to frame me. The arms paraded are not mine; they are the government’s magic. I protect myself with traditional powers, not with guns.

“The Federal Government framed me up and the sequence of events brings the truth bare. Why would the security agents invade my home at night and destroy my surveillance cameras before carrying out their operation if they didn’t have an ulterior motive?

“In this modern age, why did the security operatives not put on body cameras to record their activities from the point of entry to their time of exit? Their action is a testament that the Buhari regime is incurable of using a desperate approach to silence peaceful social interventions.”

Igboho claimed that after many futile attempts to incriminate him, the Federal Government finally decided to forcefully silence him to give criminal herdsmen unhindered access to take over the land of the Yoruba people and entire southern Nigeria.

He said, “The Presidency’s serial antics and desperation to acquire people’s ancestral lands across Nigeria for foreign Fulani herdsmen because they share ethnicity and occupation with the President is well known to Nigerians and the international community. I am being seen as a threat to the Fulanisation agenda in the South-West, hence the desperation to soil my name.”

Igboho claimed that the security agents adopted the same style during the attack on defenceless protesters at the Lekki tollgate area of Lagos during the EndSARS protest in October 2020.

He said, “The security operatives killed scores and took away their bodies. Buhari’s regime would have declared that ‘unknown gunmen’ invaded my home if they had succeeded in killing me.

“Nigerians and the international community should beware that desperate efforts are being made to force those arrested to make implicating confessions. I advise the DSS to desist from their unprofessional acts and devote such energy to eradicate insecurity.

“Nigerians and the international community should please note that I am a law-abiding citizen without blemish. I advise President Buhari to, in the interest of Nigerians who voted him to power, order his henchmen to desist from using falsehood and unholy tactics to soil my name.

“Such energy should be devoted to taming the herdsmen and bandits freely committing heinous crimes across Nigeria with impunity because their kinsman is in power.

“The Yoruba people would not be demanding a nation if the government had lived up to its responsibilities. Self-determination is not a crime and all efforts to silence us and acquire our ancestral land for local and foreign criminal herdsmen will fail.”

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