Distinguish National Officers, amiable and ever-conscious dogged state chairmen, always and compassionate members of Committee for the Defence of Human Rights, Members of Press herein present, ladies and gentle, u are most welcome to yet another Annual General Conference of our dear Organisation, CDHR.You will all recalled that, precisely two years ago, the present leadership of our noble organization came into being through a credible and transparent elections in line with the constitution of CDHR 2005 on the 25th October, 2019 which lapsed few days ago; hence convergence of members (Generals and Combatants) from the four corners of Nigeria to decide the faith of the organisaation once again through another credible and democratic elections in line with our organisation’s principles and set of rules.Let me humbly and respectfully, salute the courage and tenacity of purpose laced with unwavering loyalty of our member branches in the Northern and Middles belts of this country for keeping the flag flying and sustaining the tempo of objectives in the face of intimidation and power intoxication. Most particularly, defiling the security and developmental degradation on our road to making to Lagos the centre our strategy.   Without trying to be too immodest, the South-South, and South West Branches as been tremendous in holding forth for the organization in terms of programmes and projects that has drastically addressed the violations of human rights across the country which is the core objectives of our dear organization, CDHR.May I also use this privileged opportunity to appreciate and congratulate the entire National Executive Committee NEC of this noble Organisation for their unity, goodwill and maturity in handling and piloting the affairs of this wonderful organisation, even in the face tensed situation and intimidations of all sort. It is no longer news that, our dear organization is enmeshed in ideological differences that led to polarization which brought about fictionalization till present moment.  It is however important, to state categorically without fear of contradictions that, this present National Executive Committee NEC is constitutionally constituted to pilot the affairs of our dear Organisation. Although, there has been series of agitations for immediate occupation ad rescuing of our Headquarters at RIGHTS HOUSE situate and lying at No. 34, Adeniyi Jones Avenue, ikeja, Lagos State from a group of people who are power intoxicated and have since seized the RIGHTS HOUSE, our National Headquarters through coup ‘de tat. But, in the interest of the love our group, Comrade Moses Olugbenga Soloki led Presidency and the National Executive Committee had for our organization and most importantly, the sacrifice of our leaders in putting in place the strong structural both behavioural and administrative as an avenue to defend the rights of Nigerian masses in the face of abysmal violations, and in order not to deviate and abandon the core reason for the establishment of the organization, our group decided to play maturely in the face of the crisis yet continually consultation some good spirited leaders for the future of the organization.Recently, there are has been moves of reconciliation from few of our leaders and members of this noble organisation to our best understanding and knowledge. I will like to state here in clear terms that our NEC and the entire members is not oppose to “a true and genuine reconciliation” from any quarters in the interest of the organization. A true reconciliation is sincere and genuine as such we shall not oppose to this but open p our doors and heart for such if conceived in faith with terms favourable to all parties without opening further wounds that led to the organizations crisis.I can tell the whole world that CDHR is one indivisible orgainsation but could disagree on ideological grounds if situation calls for it as it is happening presently. Our NEC is doing greatly and will continue in the high spirit to ensure that the good name of the organization is sustained at all times.Once again, I welcome all delegates and members to this important Annual General Conference of 2019 which intends to usher in a new NEC through democratic and credible delegate elections.Thanks you all

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