What I told my son 8 hours before his death – Senator Na’Allah

Senator BalaNa’Allah has disclosed details of a conversation he had with his son hours before he was murdered.

The senator’s eldest son, Captain Abdulkareem Bala Na’Allah, was found dead in his bedroomat Malali in Kaduna State on Sunday.

The 36-year-old pilot, who was said to have recently got married, was strangled while his assassinsescaped with his vehicle and personal belongings.

Speaking at his Gwamna Road residence in Kaduna on Tuesday, the senator, who was abroad at the time of the tragic incident, said there needs to be an antidotefor the evolving security challenges.

He said he had a discussion with his son on insecurity hours before he was killed.

“Since Abdulkareem’s death, so many things continue to happen that remove the pain of his death from me. I spoke to him around 9.27pm on Saturday. And I swear by the Holy Qur’an, the subject of our discussion was security. Little did I know that he had less than eight hours to live.

“This insecurity issue didn’t just come in a day and it is good we understand this because if we don’t understand it, we will continue to prescribe a medicine that will not cure it and the prescription, which is dangerous to me that I have seen so far, is for politicians to attemptto politicise the issue of security.

“So, courtesy demands that we advise ourselves and lookat clearly what are the issues? How do they come about? Then with that information we can prescribe the correct antidote to our problem.”

Na’Allah, who said he has spoken frequently about insecurity, warned politicians against taking advantageof the situation.

“I have consistently talked about insecurity in this country because this insecurity just starts in one day.”

“Politicians attempting to politicise the issue of insecurity is a major problem, because security is much more than that. Our issue has been evolutionary, evolutionary in the sense that for a long time, we took so many things for granted and created unwittingly.

“Civilized countries succeeded in doing what they were doing because they ensured justice prevailed, but we got to a point where a minister was killed in this country, we could not find his killers, so many other people have been killed and their killers are have not been found and because every security agent wants to escape from the investigation, they tag the killers as unknown gunmen. When will the unknown be known?” he quizzed.

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