Why Nigerians Are Not Enjoying Buhari –Akinsanya

The founder, El-karayode Sacred Order Church of Christ, Chaplain G.A. Akinsanya, has said that Nigerians are yet to enjoy the dividends of President Mohammadu Buhari’s government because it consists of many square pegs in round holes.

The highly respected man of God, whose prophesies have been popularly dubbed to be perfect, reiterated that though PMB, as Buhari is fondly called, has good intentions, but it would only take the divine intervention of God for his plans to materialise because many people around him are pursuing their selfish interests.

“Buhari has good intentions, but when the foundation is spoilt, what can the righteous do? It is usually a problem when you surround yourself with people who are not of like-minds, who don’t share your ideologies. But God said he will surely come to repair the country by himself. We have no choice than to keep praying to God to touch the heart of our leaders, so that they can do what is right,” Chaplain Akinsanya hinted.

He also blamed religious leaders for the bane of Nigeria. According to Akinsanya, “many of them (religious leaders) economise the truth once they have the privilege to meet those at the corridor of powers. It shouldn’t be so.”  

Chaplain Akinsanya, otherwise known as Baba Aladura, reminisced that “My calling was a surprise because I come from a family of strong traditional worshippers. In March 1985 when God called me, a star appeared in the sky at about 3pm, and God spoke to me through the star for 21 days. He ordered me to a remote area called Adenle in Ayobo area of Lagos State. It was a thick forest then that it was only me, Monkeys and other animals that were dwelling there. The star would usually appear by 3pm and God would communicate with me.   “After that, God instructed me to proceed to Ikirun. That was in February 1986. God appeared and spoke to me in the form a sun at about 12 noon. Some of the things He told me then about Nigeria are happening already. The crisis of Boko Haram is one of them. God told me then that a time would come when Christians would be slaughtered and churches razed. But God said He is still coming back to this nation.”

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