Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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Wiseman Daniel Receives Presidential Welcome In Botswana For Crusade

It was pomp and ceremony as Wiseman Daniel whose biological name is Daniel Emelandu Udochukwu was given a presidential treatment when he arrived Botswana for a two day crusade.

Wiseman Daniel is one of the wisemen who late prophet T.B Joshua released the prophetic mantle on. He has proven to be a carrier of the prophetic, as through him God is moving in the miraculous.

As the man of God entered Botswana for a two day crusade, a presidential welcome was organised for the man of God. Dignitaries from all spheres of life, came together to welcome the man of God; bikers were not left out as they also showcased their beautiful stunts on the streets as they move.

International visitors from around the world also thronged Botswana at the Gaborone National Stadium eagerly waiting for their encounter with the Spirit of God. In excitement, they wave the flags of their nations believing Jesus Christ to remember and bless their countries as He is in Botswana.


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