Xenophobia: Prophet Samuel Calls for Love among Africans

In the wake of xenophobic attacks in South Africa, Prophet I. O. Samuel of Shiloh Word Chapel, Abuja has called for love among all Africans.

The clergyman is of the opinion that Africa is blessed with so much mineral deposits, highly talented and energetic intellectuals, “but their energy has been diverted to hate and violence.”

He said that Africa needs to grow up now or never. “I sympathize with those who lost their loved ones in the past and in this present crisis. They will be lifted in God’s love and mercy because love connects all things; development, inventions, education, science and technology.”

Prophet Samuel continued that “for health care development and social relationship, love is key. But it is unfortunate that love no longer exists from the leadership class to the grassroots. Anger, unforgiveness, envy, pride, malice and religious killings have dwarfed this continent.”

He argued that nations like America are highly developed today, giving aids to other countries because there is unity among the citizens, irrespective of their diversity in colour and race. “As we emulate many things from them (Americans), let’s copy the foundation, which is Love. We should let love lead Africa. May God Bless Africa,” he concluded.

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