By Dr. Joel Ademisoye 
Police brutality in Nigeria is becoming a common occurrence and about to reach a crisis threshold without the erred officers not charged or arrested and disciplined for the violation of the civil /human rights of many Nigerians.The Buhari administration urgently need to intervene and set up a National Commission for citizens to file Complaints against Police Brutality in Nigeria, a public institution to be spread throughout the country, capturing the 36 states and FCT Abuja. Each commission is to be located in each state capital and be headed by a Federal Judge, who would be in charge, handle and order investigation into any complaints brought before the commission and must publicly deliver his findings/dispose the case accordingly. Moreover, there is the need for strong and aggressive government action against officers found guilty of committing brutality against a Nigerian citizens, with such blatant disregard for Nigeria laws. Any convicted police officer would receive some sort of punishments such as the imposition of fines, suspension without pay, jail term or dismissal from the Nigeria Police Force (NPF). The government must view and take any case of brutality against a police officer as a serious matter, which needs to be dealt with appropriately and resolved expeditiously and fairly according to the rule of law.

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