Access Bank MD, Albert Wigwe Turns Female Staff to Prostitutes

This is definitely not the best time to be a staff of Access Bank Plc, as the current work situation in the Albert Wigwe led financial institution is frustrating and career twisting. 

The worst hit by the career-threatening policy of Access Bank are the female staff, who are being forced into corporate prostitution in order to meet their management’s obnoxious demands. 

Newscarte gathered that at Access Bank, there is pressure of all staff to lure financial depositors, who will either open new accounts or make fixes deposits, and every staff has a high target to meet regarding this. 

However, in a bid to keep their job and possibly get promotions, many of the female staff have been forced into prostitution. They resort to sleeping with prospective customers in a bid to lure them to make financial deposits. 

A female staff of Access Bank, who craved anonymity, told our Reporter that “it has really been tough because too much is expected from us. You will be likely dismissed or won’t get any promotion if you don’t meet these high targets. And since it is not easy to convince customers (as they all have accounts with other banks already), many of our ladies do what they can’t be proud of, just to remain employed.”

Also speaking with Newscarte, a male staff of Access Bank reiterated that “as tough as the task is, it is easier for our female colleagues because they have ‘something’ to offer the customers the we don’t have. We’ve even had cases where some of them get impregnated in the process.”

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