Members of the National Union of Road Transport Workers NURTW, Cele/ Isolo Branch have insisted that they don’t want Sunday Ignatus as Chairman.

The declaration was made at Cele park on 2 January, 2020. 

Comrade Afolabi Adekeye said “The entire members of the National Union of Road Transport say we don’t want Sunday Ignatus, a.k.a Onimama, to be imposed on us as the chairman or the branch secretary.”

He added that “Both young and old in Cele/ Isolo branch are all saying that, we don’t want Onimama.”

He stated further that Onimama had been constituting nuisance to to the Cele/ Isolo branch.

“We are tired of Onimama we can no longer continue with him, because he had being a threat to the market men and women, both old and young.

“We are not against their govt. but we want solution to be put in place, Alhaji Musiliu Ayinde Akinsanya a.k.a MC Oluomo, to call for Justice.

“During Agbede’s reign, when Onimama, sees us with a customized vest or cap of MC Oluomo he always challenge us to wait for Oluomo`s turn to become the chairman of Lagos  State NURTW.

“Moreover he said Oluomo can never become the State chairman.

“He had even sent us to Kirikiri prison because of Oluomo`s issue,” he concluded.

Also speaking, Comrade Ademola Adeleke said “after four years Onimama had sent me out of the park, one day I was looking for my daily bread, but the moment he sighted me he quickly ordered his boys to pounce on me to the extent that I got dislocation on my right hand. Up till today the hand is not balanced even with that I was taken to the nearest police Divisional Headquarters, that we are Oluomo`s boys, and further lied we have been coming to that place to snatch bags.”

Also speaking, Comrade Friday Smart, said “My point is that I and Sunday Ignatus, were  childhood friends, from the beginning of our lives during the time of Agbede`s reign, he moved from CMS Unit to my Unit, which is IKotun Phase 1 Unit as a chairman without any notice from the state Council, thereafter he was imposed as the chairman and which I believed he had used the former State Chairman`s power.

“During his time, we were not paid a dime, and the unit is viable. Then I`m the former unit Secretary. He used his power to remove me as the chairman, because he was using Agbede`s power. During that period I was paid ₦2,000 weekly for eight years, which is not supposed to be so.”

In his own words, Comrade Azeez Kazeem said “In my Unit, when my former Chairman, Comrade Peter Oke A.K.A Sir Peto died, after we have buried him, the branch did not assist us till we buried him on that day, which the said Sunday Ignatus was acting as the branch secretary then.

“After two weeks, he sent me out of the park because I gave Afolabi money to eat, and he saw me, he now used that opportunity to chase me out of the park, rope me up with a murder case which I knew nothing about.”

Also speaking, Comrade Taiwo Ogunbiyi said “The chairman NURTW  MC Oluomo, I pray he will last longer in his position as the chairman NURTW Lagos State.

What I had to say is that after the acting chairman Gaga, they should also allow the youth perform we they see as their enemy in those days should also be tried.”

Also Speaking, Comrade Sunday Adeniji said “we the executive members, we have seen a lot, to the extent that the cloth we use for the inauguration of the National President in Abuja then, Alhaji Ibikunle Baruwa, he had stopped my feeding allowance and remove me as the secretary of the unit then he also said he will not want to see me around any longer and he will not want to see me around Cele axis that I am putting on my enemy’s cloth.”

Comrade Segun Olatunji said “Onimama lied that I collected ₦240,000  from Alabi,  which I did not do, because of that they took me to Okota Police Divisional Headquarter where they detained me for some time and thereafter  released me to the branch, that the branch later took its stand by suspending me that I have been planning coup with Afolabi, and ever since then I was sent out of the park.”

-Dedeigbo Ayodeji

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