GRACE NATION: Woman Gives Birth to Twins after 23 years

God the creator of the universal remains God, He is able to do all things, He is God of Grace Nation, he works wonders in Grace Nation through his servant, the Generational prophet of God, Dr Chris Okafor, just few days ago, a Couple dedicated their twins after 23 years of waiting to the glory of God and to shame the devil cause he is powerless.
It all began last year when the Generational prophet of God, Dr Chris Okafor located the couple in one of the church program, the servant of God Pray for the couple and make declarations that by this time of next year which is 2023, the couple will dedicated the Twins and he declared by the accurate seer of our time the prophecy came to manifestation this year, they testify alongside their Twins, a boy and a girl. It can only be the God of Dr Chris Okafor
Here the latest mother of Twins testimonies.

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