Homosexuality: Missing Nigerians Spotted in Canada

Some Nigerians who had been declared missing after allegations of homosexuality and bisexuality, a criminal act that attracts severe legal punishments and stigmatization, have been spotted in Canada, participating in the Toronto annual Pride Parade Festival.

They were spotted during the controversial festival held between 22 and 23 June, 2019 as some pictures and videos of the event surfaced on social media. Nigerians were left in shock by the news, considering the fact that the purpose of the festival negates Nigeria’s customs and tradition, thereby making it a taboo for any of its citizens to take part.

More so, the faces seen at the festival had initially been announced and declared missing for their involvement and participation in bisexual/homosexual activities during their stay in Nigeria, making their case more complicated.

The Pride Parade celebration is one of the largest in North –America march parade with an estimated crowd of 1million. The festival’s activities normally take place once in a year in Downtown Toronto city of Canada, and across major cities like Amsterdam, Cologne, Berlin, London, Madrid and Barcelona.

It is normally celebrated in a festival way where group of people come together to roam the streets with chants of victory songs over the oppression of the LGBTQ communities.

It is normally organized by the Pride Toronto called “519”and some other supporting group. Pride Toronto is a non-profit organization that supports the queer communities of the city and beyond. They work to ensure equal rights and representation for every person of diverse sexual and gender identities. It is a central rally pointed to inviting community people together to celebrate what they have accomplished and to pursue what still needs to be done. Through this event’s outreach and undeniable presence, they let people know that they are not alone – they create space for both the current and next generation to express who they truly are.

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